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BEF helps local audio engineer find a new groove

Freelance audio engineer, Daniel Hamer, hits a high note thanks to a Start Up loan from BEF.

Daniel Hamer — the creative behind Daniel Hamer Audio Production — is a multi-talented audio engineer, sound designer and composer based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire with a passion for building a strong community for creatives based in the North. “The North is a great place to be for emerging creatives,” he says. “Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to support local, national and international clients from this affordable, well-connected and under-appreciated part of the country.”

Daniel has studied music since 2010 and freelanced part-time within the industry since 2013. In January 2018 he launched his freelance audio production business while completing a research MA in Music.

Daniel’s immediate plan was to transition from an individual freelancer taking on smaller projects to an audio studio which can take on higher specification projects. This required him to upgrade his studio equipment and space which proved difficult as the available commercial property involved shared tenancy and a soundproofing bill of at least £12,000. Undaunted, 2018 Daniel approached BEF for support to build a home studio and market his services to potential clients across the film, game and TV industries.

Thanks to a £12,000 Start Up loan delivered by BEF, Daniel completed the home studio in September 2018. His new studio boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a growing client list that includes companies in the UK, France, Denmark, Australia and the United States. Since its launch, Daniel has worked on films that have won awards including New York Bagel and The Date.

In addition to commercial work, Daniel has mentored music students and graduates, offering them real world experience, collaboration and networking opportunities. Driven by his industry insight and passion for the North, Daniel is currently working on a project to offer resources and opportunities to emerging musicians and creatives in the region.

His advice to anyone wanting to pursue their creative dreams is: “Believe in your talent, do your research, and give it a good think through. Don’t be put off by debt. Look at a loan as an investment to make money. I wouldn’t be where I am today without one. Just be responsible and only borrow what you really need.”

Speaking of his experience with BEF, Daniel says: “I just wanted to write music for films. Working with BEF taught me to plan, strategise and secure good business advisors who can help you make the money you need to do what you love.”

Rupert Shires, Start Up Loans Manager at BEF, said: “It was a joy to work with Daniel as he had the passion, skill, and desire to succeed. All he needed was a shared belief in his dream, a guiding hand, and finance which I was happy to deliver. I wish him every success and look forward to seeing his name feature in more and more productions.”

For more information on Daniel Hamer Audio Production visit Daniel's LinkedIn page.

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