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Simply the ‘BEST’ for BEF investment

Leeds-based sustainable fashion brand is ready to try on the influencer market for size thanks to a £50k loan from BEF.

Young entrepreneur and experienced retailer, Perri Isa, 29 was inspired to create a young, vintage and environmentally friendly clothing brand and so BEST was born. With over a decade of trading under their belt, ‘BEST’ boasts stores in Newcastle and Liverpool. Its flagship store and design house is located in the heart of Leeds where reworked clothing has become their specialty.

BEST is known for the one-off pieces they rework using second-hand clothing from all over the world. With everything designed and made on site in Leeds, this family run brand is flying the flag for sustainable fashion. Perri explained: “We recycle everything by reworking older clothes and donating everything we don’t use to local charities.”

With the high street in decline and the landscape of selling forever changing, BEST has created a shopping experience like no other. When entering one of their locations, shoppers are immediately presented with a unique mix of energy, music, people, variety, hospitality and friendliness that offers the perfect complement to their sustainable fashion products.

BEST approached BEF for £50,000 funding to boost their online presence and evolve into the digital world. Perri’s plan is to recruit Instagram influencers, update BEST’s website and increase their social media presence.

BEF and BEST have a strong relationship which goes back four years. Perri highlighted why this relationship is so important to him: “It’s empowering to have the support of a company you can go to that will be open minded, look at your business thoroughly, have faith in you, believe in you and say yeah, here’s the money make a success.”

Perri explained how working with Hilary Watson, Investment Manager at BEF has helped him to build his business: “Hilary has always been very supportive but firm and realistic about what a successful business model looks like. That has had a real positive effect on how we see and run the business. This has been invaluable.”

Supporting environmentally conscientious businesses is important for BEF as Hilary explained: “It’s been great working with BEST over the years. They’ve created a unique brand and managed to do this while keeping sustainable fashion at the heart of what they do. I’m really pleased for Perri and thrilled to see his business flourishing. This truly is the “BEST” vintage store.”

To find out more about the tea room just click here: BEST Clothing.

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