The Q&A: Jeremy Meadowcroft, Investment Manager

"Customer service and relationship management is what makes me tick. I take great pride in making a real difference to real people and real businesses."

How long have you worked for BEF and which other roles have you held?  

Three years in February 2019. My first ever job was “Rubik’s Cube Demonstrator” in a shop in 1985!

Growing up in Australia, I left school to start my banking career at the State Bank of Victoria in Melbourne, where I worked for two years. I then emigrated to Yorkshire where I worked at Lloyds Bank for 27 years in total, making my way up through the ranks to a Retail Branch Manager and a Commercial Manager.

I’m passionate about football coaching and have coached children for 14 years. This has led to me being an FA Coach Mentor and a Football Club Chairman. I lived and coached in New England, USA for a year, and currently, I’m a YMCA Coach and North Yorkshire Sport Club Mentor, helping clubs to thrive.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do? 

Great customer service and relationship management is what makes me tick. My 30 years in banking has always been at the coalface, working face-to-face with clients who are looking to start, grow or develop their businesses.

I take great pride in making a real difference to real people and real businesses.

What are some of the stand-out businesses you have supported at BEF?

I am passionate about all the loans I complete because the loans I deliver support growth, advancement, and job creation. I keep a record of everyone and continually watch their progress.

Custom Controllers UK Ltd, a leading manufacturer for customised gaming controllers is a great example of a thriving Yorkshire based business. They have collaborated with sportswear giant Nike, Konami, and GAME retailer, earning the reputation of the “go-to-guys” for custom controllers. It was a pleasure helping the founder, Ben Lawton, secure the finance that helped Custom Controllers to grow.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your work?

To be known as the number one “go-to” contact for alternative SME lending. For my network to know me, for repeatedly delivering a professional, reliable and friendly service.

What excites you about the part of the region that you support?

The Diversity. I have lived, worked and breathed Kirklees, Calderdale, Bradford and Leeds for over 30 years and I feel a very real understanding of the region. It’s a superb area, centrally located to get to all parts of the country to do more deals too!

What key things stand out to you about an exciting business when you get the business plan?

The motivation of the owners to achieve whatever they want to do.  I advocate and support, every one of my clients.

“Why?” is a very powerful question, and without understanding that, I can’t really put myself in my customers shoes. 

Any words of advice for someone looking to start a business or grow an existing business?

If you’ve done your homework and research, then I should be able to see your passion and focus. Remain true and be persistent.

Five dinner party guests (dead or alive)?

Former actor, Robin Williams; former politician, Tony Benn; comedian, actor and presenter, Michael Palin; broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough; and my dad. Conversation would be both hilarious and deeply interesting. 

Favourite technological advance to date?

I grew up in Australia separated from family in the UK. The letters I wrote to my mum, dad and grandparents took at least eight days to arrive. Phone calls were expensive and often interrupted to technical issues such as awkward time delays.

The internet has changed all of this. It has massively enabled people to communicate instantaneously and for free.

We can now talk, anywhere in the world by pressing a button and instantaneously. My appreciation of that cannot be overstated. 

Best piece of architecture in Yorkshire or the North of England?

Leeds Corn Exchange is a combined feast of industrial engineering, stunning architecture and a place for trading business.

Need finance to help start or grow your business?

To discuss any lending requirements that you may have, please call Jeremy on 07525 810693 or email

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