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Open Banking FAQ's

Will I be charged for using this service?

No, it is completely free for all customers.

I have entered the wrong information, can you change this?

This cannot be changed. To enter new information you will need to go through the journey again1.

I have forgotten my bank log in detail’s.

You can try doing the journey on your mobile phone instead of your laptop or desktop, this uses app to app authentication. If you don’t use mobile banking or if this does not work, you will need to contact your bank for assistance.

Will this affect my credit file?

A soft credit reference agency search will be done to confirm which banks you hold current accounts with, this won’t be visible to other lenders.

How do you connect with my bank account?

We use a third-party Account Information Service Provider (AISP) called which uses Open Banking APIs. Open Banking APIs are made available by your bank under the new Open Banking regulations. Open Banking is regulated, monitored, and built on the principles of GDPR.

Can I connect more than one bank account?

Yes. When you successfully connected your first account, you will see the option to ‘Add Another Bank’. This is located below the tick on the ‘Thank You’ page.

I can’t see my bank in the list.

Please use the search bar at the top of the Bank selection page (look for the magnifying glass), if you still can’t find your bank, it may not be available. Not all banks have Open Banking API’s available2.

I can’t connect to my bank, it’s showing an error with a message to wait and try again later (or similar).

Bank connection success rates may fluctuate throughout the day, particularly during peak times. You should follow the instructions from the bank.

Is this safe? uses bank-level security and rigorously tested software and security systems. They are regulated by the FCA and authorised to access the Open Banking API's made available to them through the UK Government Open Banking initiative. Their FCA registration number is 792642.

I want you to delete my data.

You have given consent for us to view a snapshot of your transactional data 3. We will request that the data that we hold is deleted.

Customer sign up journey errors
Please contact: [email protected].

Important: Please include your name, the name of the bank your are trying to connect to, a detailed description of the error/issues and a screenshot of any error page/screens that you are experiencing.

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For Portal User contact: [email protected].

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