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Responsible Finance_The Business Enterprise Fund is a social enterprise that lends money to SME businesses in Yorkshire & the North East. These businesses are usually unable to get finance from the banks. As a social enterprise, we have no share holders – all profits generated are reinvested into our loan fund, to support growth in the economy through business and job creation.

We think it is important to fill the funding gap for those who are unable to draw on the usual sources of finance, and are here to guide you through the process, whether you are a start up business or need the resources to take your company to the next level.



Our Products

Start Up Loans - As a delivery partner of the Start Up Loans Company we provide funding for young and emerging businesses.

Unsecured Business Loans - Support from experienced business mentors, available for all sectors, including retail.

Secured Business Loans - Flexible rates with co-funding considered, terms up to 7 years.

Commercial Mortgages - Secured, perfect for a business looking to purchase its own premises.



Featured Stories

BPM Bike Lab Leeds
BPM Bikelab has set to work in revolutionising health and fitness. Founders Jon Robinson and Jen Edwards-Robinson have set up a holistic health and wellbeing centre focussed round exercise bikes.

My New Butcher and Deli Leeds
‘My New Butcher and Deli’ feeds the growing demand for authentic African food and drink products, specialising in Boerewors (South African Sausage) and dried meat such as biltong.

Novo Coffee House Dewsbury
After over 20 years working in sales, Neville Morris put his passion for good food and coffee to work, and with help from the Business Enterprise Fund and the Start Up Loans Company, Novo Coffee House was born.