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BEF approve their first Expand loans

The not-for-profit responsible finance provider continues to support SMEs with flexible finance to help them grow.

BEF are pleased to announce the approval of our first three Expand loans to businesses across the region. Exclusive to BEF, Expand loans provide SMEs with unsecured facilities of up to £100,000 to help them grow.

The approvals come at a time when many businesses struggle to secure the finance they need and reaffirms BEF's continued commitment to support businesses with flexible finance through the toughest of times.

Steve Waud, CEO of BEF said: "BEF, seeking to support SMEs where possible, are using our innovative finance products to provide loans to businesses that have otherwise been unable to access Bank Finance or specific Government guarantees. BEF providing finance when businesses need it most. #wetakeadifferentview."

Case One

  • Business: Software development
  • Years Trading: 2
  • Difficulty: Young business with low turnover
  • Amount: £50,000 unsecured
  • Purpose: Working capital to support growth

This small business is still in its embryonic stage. With a two-year trading history and £100,000 turnover it would struggle to secure finance from high street and fintech lenders despite having strong growth potential forecasted at a £500,000 turnover in the next 12 months.

The business is well run by its three directors who will provide personal guarantees to support the £50,000 facility. The investment will help secure 10 jobs.

Case Two

  • Business: Food producer
  • Years Trading: 22
  • Difficulty: Historical losses
  • Amount: £35,000 unsecured
  • Purpose: Asset purchase

This case, a broker referral, features an established business that is performing well despite COVID-19 setbacks. In this instance, our decision to approve a facility was given against the value of the business. We approved a facility subject to a charge on the asset and a supplemental personal guarantee. The investment will help secure 11 jobs.

Case Three

  • Business: Health & Safety Consultants
  • Years Trading: 5
  • Difficulty: Lack of security
  • Amount: £38,000 unsecured
  • Purpose: Asset purchase

This specialist business approached us to support an asset purchase that would enable them to meet increased demand for their services. The business was unable to secure a loan from the high street due to the lack of security. We approved the facility subject to business security and personal guarantee. The investment will help secure 3 jobs and create 1 job.

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  • Boost: short-term secured up to £250,000
  • Expand: unsecured loan up to £100,000
  • Flourish: secured up to £250,000

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