BEF’s funding brings something more to the River Ure.

This year fishing enthusiast Philip Ellis launched the first ever guided Salmon tour along the River Ure.

Passionate about making this once elite sport accessible and affordable for all, Philip secured a £12,000 loan from BEF to buy a vehicle and equipment to start up his business, Yorkshire Salmon Guide. The business runs guided days out, fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout in North Yorkshire.

Explaining that fishing can be “Trendy and hip” Philip has tailored his tours, so a complete beginner could take part, saying that “You could arrive with absolutely no experience, not bring a thing and I can have you fishing by the end of the day and enjoying it”.

When describing the business Philip highlights three main words he calls the “Three R’s”: ‘Reintroduction’ - of Salmon into the river. ‘Recovery’ – in making the waters clean again and ‘Reinvigorate’ - the local economy by bringing something new to Wensleydale and the surrounding area.

The quiet village of Masham is now benefiting from the increased tourism, and with the business supporting the local Salmon group and its successful hatchery programme, Salmon life is now thriving in the River.

With a summer full of bookings, Philip is hugely thankful to The Business Enterprise Fund, saying “My BEF investment manager, Julie Micklethwaite, was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She was extremely enthusiastic about my business venture and has helped me get off to a great start”

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